Escola Waldorf a Oliveira

Pre-registration: 1st through 8th grade

2024-2025 School Year

About pre-registration

This pre-registration will go to our waiting list, therefore it is not a direct confirmation of the child's admission. Our team will contact each family by email. Registration fee: 75 euros (non-refundable).

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Escola Waldorf a Oliveira is an elementary school based on Waldorf Education, a pedagogy that instills the child’s awakening to a spontaneous desire to learn, a spirit of investigation, and a disposition for creative activity. Special emphasis is given to the student’s integral development, encompassing intellectual, artistic, and social capacities, while valuing contact with nature.

With license granted by the Portuguese Ministry of Education from 1st to 9th grade, our elementary school includes the first, second and third educational cycles (grades 1 through 8).

In addition to teaching the Portuguese Language, Mathematics and Environment Studies, we also offer Painting, Drawing, Music, Handicrafts (wool, wood, beeswax, etc.), German Language, Physical Education, Eurythmy, and Theater, among others, as an integral part of the curriculum.

This project, which began in 2008 with a group of eight children, is a non-profit association composed of the strength and efforts of parents and the teachers, which serve as the vital force of school management and operations. We currently embrace a group of 90 children

Waldorf Education

Waldorf Education was founded in Germany by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1919. It is recognized by UNESCO as a pedagogy that can respond to educational challenges, especially in areas of great cultural diversity.

The objective of this pedagogy is to give children and young adults a foundation for moral development and a practice of freedom, allowing each child the conditions to help them reach their "destiny" and highest potential.

Waldorf Schools form an independent network that is in constant growth, currently with more than 700 schools around the world. In Portugal multiple initiatives from preschool to elementary education have been functioning for several years.

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