Escola Waldorf a Oliveira

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Every euro you donate will help us reach our goal to fund part of the Phase I plan of our new school.

Founded over 10 years ago with only 9 children, our school currently has about 80 students, is a non-profit association composed of the strength and efforts of parents and the teachers, which serve as the vital force of school management and operations.

Your support makes a difference in the growth of our school.
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Our Pioneers

We extend our sincere gratitude to the pioneers of Escola Waldorf a Oliveira, including our first class of 2008. Those that came before us manifested a collective dream, and we plan to forge ahead with a creative vision for growth as our contribution for the continuation of Waldorf pedagogy in Portugal.

Where the Dream Began

Our first class of 2008 began with nine, bright-eyed children of the first grade and a group of enthusiastic founding parents that solidified a collective dream to form the first state-recognized Waldorf primary school in Portugal. Since 2008, Escola Waldorf a Oliveira has been transformed from an abandoned school building consisting of one bleak classroom into six vibrant learning spaces.

From 2013 to 2015 prefabricated-metal containers were purchased by the school for three consecutive years and placed on foundations constructed by our school community. These containers were intended as a short-term, cost-effective solution.

Like an Open Book – This Is Who We Are

As nature gives us the change of the seasons, the students are taught the subject material in cycles that are active and dormant, known as blocks, so that as the material is received during the lesson, it also has time to settle within them.

In the Waldorf pedagogy, the students advance to the next grade along with their teachers until the eighth grade. This movement deepens the connection between the teacher and the students, as well as among classmates, giving insights to better understand the other, while on the journey of finding themselves.

Nature's seasons bring various traditions and cultural celebrations to life at the school with themes that inspire the rhythm of the year. The parents play an essential role in shaping a supportive community environment.


A teacher must have a knowledge of humanity that will imbue life and spirit into what is otherwise dead knowledge, and at the same time, have an enthusiasm arising from a really free and openminded concept of what life actually is today.
—Rudolf Steiner

Your Support is Vital

Sustainability is at the core of this expansion project for Escola Waldorf a Oliveira. To lift this expansion project off the ground and put it into motion, we will have to procure and combine several funding sources, as well as potential investors. If you feel inspired by our initiative, we ask you to please, become part of our solution. Your support is vital to the future of this expansion project.

This expansion plan was created from a need to improve our current conditions with a design to achieve ample space in classrooms for teaching and rhythmic movement. More importantly, the design plan encompasses the continuation of the 7th to 9th grades, and in the future, up to the 12th grade.

We are living a dream that has been solidified through our 10 year experience as Escola Waldorf a Oliveira. We are committed to our vision of expanding this horizon to meet the needs of our students and to give them the conditions they deserve.

Support the school expansion project.

Thank you.